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        Mai Bistro Latin-Asian Tapas  Lunch menu

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Small Tapas

Grilled Calamari with fresh herb and olive oil, organic green              $10.00

Crispy Fried Calamari with chipotle aioli                                $10.00

Crispy fried fresh crab and shrimp spring roll with sweet chili dip         $8.50

Grilled shrimp with fresh herb and organic baby green salad             $11.00

Karaage , Japanese style fried chicken                                  $8.00

Organic Ontario Lamb curry spring roll with sweet chili dip               $7.50

Salad roll with shrimp and mango ,fresh Asian herb                      $8.00

Shrimp and Crab ceviche with fresh salsa and avocado                   $9.50

Edamame with Japanese Chili Sea salt                                  $5.00

Mai special yellow corn chips and fresh salsa                            $6.00

Steam Jasmine rice                                                   $2.00

Mai made hand cut fries with chipotle aioli                             $7.00

Wok fried Asian baby green Vegetable                                 $7.00


Green Mango salad,grilled tiger shrimp,Thai basil with chili dressing      $9.00

Organic baby green salad with Mai dressing,crispy fried potato           $6.00

Grilled Thai beef salad with watercress and baby lotus dressing          $9.00

Large tapas

Grilled lemongrass pork with Jasmine rice and Asian slaw                 $12.00

Grilled Argentina style steak,chimichurri butter and hand cut fries       $20.00

Mixed grilled seafood   Shrimp,Calamari,Daily fish w/baby green salad   $18.00

Miso marinated grilled chicken breast w/watercress & orange salad       $12.00

Yellow curry chicken with vegetable served with Jasmine rice            $12.00

Yellow curry shrimp with vegetable served with Jasmine rice             $14.00

Chicken Pad Thai    ( Vegetarian available)                          $12.00

Tacos (3pc)

Crispy fried or Grilled Fish tacos with salsa and avocado                $11.00

Grilled Steak tacos with salsa and avocado                            $11.00

Vietnamese style Pork tacos with Asian slaw, fresh salsa              $10.00

Price and item may subject to change

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